Random Thoughts
My name is Jillian. 24. Somewhere...

If you looked at my amazon cart you would think I was an 8yr old with a very diverse taste in literature. That marshmallow gun will be mine!

  • debbyryan:

    I like to feel myself dying; he likes to bring me to life
    a little buzz in the stillest pulse,
    a distant shout in the loudest silence
    this story feels about as fictional as the truth gets

    his hands trace my bones and my air sticks in my lungs and I think maybe this brand of love will be the…

    If you wrote a book, I would read it.

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  • movin

    you never truly know how many hair ties and chopsticks you own until you pack up your entire life to move.

  • New weapon for office warfare

  • My nephew the minion.

  • Asian tacos and shark punch for SHARK WEEK!

  • Afternoon relaxing with Arsenic and Old Lace

  • Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’

  • So packing is fun. (By that I mean throwing so much meaningless stuff away)

  • Just a sip.

  • Nighttime unwinding.